Healthy eating plan participant Charlotte Grant"I am still in shock at the success of this healthy eating plan! I have lost over a stone and a half & my BMI & Body Fat are now normal."

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Healthy eating plan participant Sam Millard "After just 7 weeks on Leonie’s plan I lost a stone. I am totally thrilled with the results and my new level of fitness."

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Diets and healthy eating image
Diets and healthy eating image

How can you be healthy? The programme

Showing you how can you be healthyPeople often ask “How can you be healthy?”, and so the EatWright programme starts with an information session which demonstrates how you can eat healthily and be healthy for the long term. This is followed by a health check to form your personal profile.

The EatWright programme has 2 phases. The first phase helps you detox and begin to get your metabolism working to burn surplus fat. The second phase then helps you stabilise and maintain your new healthy lifestyle to ensure long lasting results.

How can you be healthy? – Phase 1: Cleansing and Detoxing

You will have more energy, lose weight and not feel hungry

The first phase lasts a minimum of 42 days, starting with 3 ‘cleansing’ days. During these we will start to activate your metabolism so that surplus fat will be burned. You receive a carefully composed food list from which you can choose 6-12 portions a day (you will not feel hungry!). In order to maintain the metabolic rate, certain supplements are taken on a daily basis. They ensure that you get all the nutrients you need to keep your body in balance and to guarantee optimum burning of fat reserves.

Every day you will receive e-mails with recipes, information and advice. To keep track of your progress you complete a simple form to share with your coach, who will also be available for daily telephone contact. Halfway through Phase 1 we will have a further consultation to check that your personal goals are being achieved and to plan for phase 2 and beyond.

How can you be healthy? – Phase 2: Stabilisation

You will be adjusting to your new lifestyle with no more diets but healthy eating forever.

The first phase delivers really impressive results, but phase 2 is probably the most important part of the programme. Here we will work together to stabilise and maintain your achieved goals and to prevent any relapse.

We will do this step by step, as follows:

  • Adding those foods which were not allowed in Phase 1.
  • Reducing the supplements to a point that suits your lifestyle.
  • Watching out for any weight gain that is more than 1 ½ – 2 kgs(3-4 pounds).
  • Ensuring a continued balance of healthy food, plenty of hydration and regular exercise – all still possible even with our busy lifestyles!

Frequently Asked Questions…

1 Can everybody follow the programme?

The programme is not suitable for kidney patients, those with diabetes Type 1, pregnant women or women that are breast feeding. In other cases, or if you are in any doubt, we advise you to consult your doctor.

2 Are there any age limitations?

Anybody from 8-80 years can follow this programme.

3 Do I need to buy special food?

No, there is plenty of choice from the food list and all foods are available in supermarkets and most local shops.

4 How can you be healthy if you have a busy lifestyle?

Whether you are a busy Mum or working all hours, with a bit of planning and preparation you can easily fit the programme into your life.

5 How much exercise is needed?

We would like you to walk 10,000 steps a day. With your normal movements and a 30 minute walk a day or similar exercise, you can easily achieve this.

To find out more…

So if you are looking for an answer to the question “How can you be healthy?”, why not watch the short video on our home page or read about success stories on the testimonials page. And if you would like further advice you can call today on 01372 386028, or send us a message.