Healthy eating plan participant Charlotte Grant"I am still in shock at the success of this healthy eating plan! I have lost over a stone and a half & my BMI & Body Fat are now normal."

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Testimonials for the EatWright programme

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several years ago following several years on steroids. My sugar levels were extremely high and in spite of my best efforts and, according to the NHS dietician, a good diet; they continued to rise. With the prospect of having to take insulin I decided it was time I took action.

Leone was an inspiration and her healthy eating plan had amazing results. Within six weeks I had dramatically reduced my sugar levels and my medication and was no longer being threatened with insulin. I found the eating plan easy to follow and I can honestly say I did not feel hungry!

Leone is an absolute joy to work with, her support and guidance has been invaluable and her depth of knowledge has been a real education; I have learnt so much. Not only did I lose weight but I lost my sugar cravings, my energy levels have increased and I feel really fit for the first time in years. I cannot recommend this plan strongly enough; it is not a diet, it is an eating plan for life.”

Maureen N. – November 2015

“I am 61 years of age, type 2 diabetic and very conscious about my weight but was never prepared to admit this to anybody so just kept going on the ‘yo-yo’ ladder. I am an extremely busy person working around 12 hours per day and always blamed the weight (in my head) as not having enough time to exercise, never thinking it could also be related to food consumption as I always believed I had a ‘healthy’ diet.

I met Leonie through a business breakfast meeting and straight away liked her personality and the way she promoted the ‘healthy eating’ habit, which made me realise I had to do something. Immediately I arranged to meet her and agreed to use her programme.

At day 1 my sugar levels were very high (13) and my weight was 87.9 kgs. Although changing ones’ lifelong eating habits was a slight effort, I soon became aware of exactly what I should be eating and how much I should be exercising. I am pleased to say that by day 25, I was 82.6 kgs with a sugar level of 7. And so it continues. My primary reason for the programme was to reduce my sugar levels, which once achieved, my concentration turned to the ongoing successful weight loss.

Throughout this programme, Leonie has been nothing but supportive and I can only recommend her to anyone wishing to lose weight, whether diabetic or not. You will not regret it.”

Christiane – September 2015

Healthy eating plan participant Stuart Kerslake“I’ve just completed Leonie’s Eat Wright programme and I’m feeling great! I say completed – of course it’s a programme for life, and I’ve now developed much healthier habits towards nutrition, hydration and exercise.

I’ve lost about 25 pounds/11 kilos, drink far more water, and exercise more often. I’m walking more too, which is not only beneficial for the body – getting out in nature is also great for the soul!

So I highly recommend Leonie and her process – it’s well structured and she “holds your hand” along the way with daily tips and recipes to keep you going, and she’s always there to support you if you “wobble”.

Thank you so much Leonie:)” Stuart Kerslake – Owner: Being in Business

Healthy eating plan participant Lorna Valcin“I got to know Leonie through 4Networking and have got to know her over the months and grew to trust her advice and knowledge. I have been on Leonie’s Eatwright plan for the last 4 weeks and have to say that the results have been outstanding. My blood pressure has reduced and I have lost a stone in weight. Fabulous.

In addition to those fabulous results, I have more energy and have a great feeling of general wellbeing.

Thanks Leonie. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants to rediscover a healthier, fitter body” Lorna Valcin – Partner: Colemans Solicitiors

Healthy eating plan participant Charlotte Grant“I am still in shock at the success of this healthy eating plan! I have lost over a stone and a half & my BMI & Body Fat are now normal (they were not!!). Leonie has a great way about her and I found the plan easy to follow – AND I was not left feeling hungry!! Thank you Leonie.”Charlotte Grant – Virtual PA

Healthy eating plan participant Philip Bryan“Every morning when I look into the mirror to shave it’s always the same face that stares back; albeit sometimes rather bleary eyed. It’s not until you look back to old photographs that you realise just how much things change. The same thing happened to my weight. The day-to-day change was not noticeable. The year-to-year change was, but not so large as it could not be shrugged off with an ‘oh well, it’s only a few pounds more’. The problem for me was that the trend was always upwards, and it was an old photograph that suddenly brought me up short.

I realised that something needed to be done, and that the ‘something’ needed to be a change in lifestyle rather than simply another diet. Leonie’s EatWright programme fitted the bill perfectly, and the approach to food, and the emphasis on exercise, has worked perfectly. The weight seemed to fall off and I don’t think I ever felt hungry – magic.”

Philip Bryan – Director, e-mail marketing company

Healthy eating plan participant Mara Thorne“I had a tendency to gain weight easily, and losing it became even harder with the onset of the menopause a couple of years ago. The tactics that used to work when I was younger no longer seemed effective, and I just didn’t like the way I looked or felt. The EatWright programme promised to help me lose up to 16 lbs in 6 weeks, without being constantly hungry or counting calories, and I must confess I was sceptical at first. But I can only say: it works!

I can now fit into my size 12 clothes again, which feels really good, and doing my 10,000 steps per day has made me feel so much fitter as well. Importantly, the lessons I have learned about what to eat and what to avoid will enable me to keep the weight off in future, so I can break the cycle of “yo-yo” dieting. Thank you, Leonie, your programme delivers what it promises!”

Mara Thorne – Human Resources consultant

Healthy eating plan participant Sam Millard“After just 7 weeks on Leonie’s plan I lost a stone. I am totally thrilled with the results and my new level of fitness. No mad keep-fit regimes or complicated eating plans. Leonie is a genuinely lovely lady and is passionate about her plan, and no wonder because it works. Forget diets, just Eat Wright”

Sam Millard – Payroll Bureau owner

“Leonie is a great support and the programme does what it says, you lose weight quickly, and do feel a lot healthier and enjoy a constant level of high energy.”

“It was really beneficial to have somebody there to support and motivate me. I never had the feeling of being alone and having someone to impress made me really want to succeed. It was great that someone else had thought out the recipes for me and it meant I didn’t need to put in that extra bit of work. I am now much more aware of the ingredients I use in my meals and know which foods are good for my health and which ones aren’t.”

“I found that the EatWright programme supported fast and effective weight loss without the sugar cravings that have accompanied previous attempts at weight loss. The programme is well thought through and easy to follow”

“I started EatWright because my cholesterol level was high and my doctor wanted me to take Statins. At my consultation I also discovered that my fat percentage was high. After 4 weeks it had significantly reduced and continued to do so afterwards. I also lost weight in the process.”

“Owning 2 dogs and walking them twice a day became more difficult, as I suffer arthritis in my knee. I was also a little overweight. I tried the programme and noticed immediate benefits in weight and less pain. I now feel fitter and healthier.”

“My general health was good but I was finding myself getting very tired during the afternoons in the office. During the programme I cut out certain food and drink and found that I was far more alert throughout the whole day. Moreover, I did not experience any hunger pangs. Although I have added certain foods back into my diet these are in smaller quantities and I am now much more aware of what I eat.”

My wife and I were most interested in losing some weight, and were delighted when we achieved this. However, we also learned a lot about diet and the effect it has on one’s body and general well being. We found the support and advice given to us invaluable, and the format and methodology of this “supervised” diet very effective.


Testimonials for Leonie’s talks & healthy eating sessions

“Thank you so much for a fantastic evening. It was very interesting, informative and enjoyable also. You proved that you can have very tasty and nutritious food which is also good for you… it was very worthwhile and good value for money.”

Carol Munro – Independent Financial Advisor

“I had a lovely time, thank you very much for your welcoming and informative hospitality. The evening opened my eyes to being a lot more vigilant with food ingredients, and I certainly know more about how to look after my family with healthy eating. I will also give greater thought to my food menus and preparation.”

Darren Allen – Managing Director

“Thank you for such a great evening yesterday I really enjoyed it. Your presentation was really informative and it was with a lovely bunch of people, good fun. Of course the icing on the cake (only figuratively of course!) was the food, which was absolutely delicious. You treated us royally and worked so hard, I’m truly grateful!”

Julie Blunt – Cost-Savings Consultant

“I’ve taken the time to write this testimonial as I have had the pleasure of attending one of Leonie’s educational Eatwright sessions with my wife. Not only is Leonie knowledgeable in the subject of nutrition, general health and wellbeing but her talks are concise and clear and she is obviously devoted to helping others to live healthier, happier lives. The Eatwright plan makes perfect sense and her meal recipes are nearly as mouth-watering to read as they are to eat. I never realised that a health balanced diet could be so tasty! So if you want to be healthier, feel healthier I would definitely recommend that you speak to Leonie.”

Simon Benson – Director – Security company

“Thank you very much for a wonderful evening. The food was absolutely superb and the whole evening very informative. There was a lot to take in, but I certainly managed to absorb at least some of it! I thought I was eating very healthily but you made me think again about some of my habits and my snacks are certainly more healthy now! It’s so good to know that healthy food CAN be very tasty and filling as well as being healthy.”


“Thank you so much for a most interesting talk and the delicious dips and nibbles, which prove that eating healthily can be just as tasty as the “bad stuff” Thank you also for sending on the recipes and tips to share with everyone, and the recipe for the lovely cottage cheese dip, which was very popular. I think that you inspired us to look after ourselves and our health, certainly you are very good advertisement for healthy living. I shall be happy to pass on your occasional newsletter to the group.”

Clare Hewlett

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