Healthy eating plan participant Charlotte Grant"I am still in shock at the success of this healthy eating plan! I have lost over a stone and a half & my BMI & Body Fat are now normal."

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Healthy eating plan participant Mara Thorne "I can break the cycle of “yo-yo” dieting. Thank you, Leonie, your programme delivers what it promises!"

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Diets and healthy eating image
Diets and healthy eating image

4 ways I can help you improve your health through what you eat

  1. EatWright lunch and dinner talks
  2. ‘The fundamentals of healthy eating’ video course
  3. Individual 60-minute health check or online consultation
  4. Individually tailored, fully supported, 6-week healthy eating programme both on-and off-line

1. EatWright lunch and dinner talks

Healthy eating demonstrationThese are group sessions during which I give you tips on how you can stay healthy while a three course meal is served.

In two and a half hours you will learn…

How you can improve and sustain your health and fitness by eating the right foods combined with hydration and exercise.

What we will cover

  • An overview of the history of food
  • Why our health has deteriorated
  • Which ingredients to look out for
  • What our body needs to stay in optimum health
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Tips on how you can stay healthy

When (dates in 2017)

  • Tuesday 10 January: 18.30-21.00
  • Friday 17 March : 12.00-14.30
  • Wednesday 17 May: 18.30-21.00
  • Wednesday 5 July: 12.00-14.30
  • Thursday 7 September: 18.30-21.00
  • Tuesday 10 October: 18.30-21.00




All this for just £25* – healthy canapés and drinks included.

I would love it if you could come and join me.

*payable in advance, non-refundable

2. Healthy Eating video course

Would you like to start eating healthily, but you don’t know where to begin? Then try this short video course in which I will share with you the basic eating principles that I adopted to turn my health around.

Cost £27

For more information on the healthy eating video course click here

3. Individual 60-minute health check or consultation

In person

With the health check we look at your current eating habits and lifestyle. I use a body scanner to establish how healthy you are, what your fat percentage is, how well hydrated you are, what your metabolic age is etc. Based on my findings, I will advise you as to how you can improve and maintain your health.

Cost: £60

If you need more support or guidance and a weekly telephone call, I offer three sessions for £120 and five sessions for £175.


The online consultation will give you the opportunity to speak to me about any health concerns or questions you may have. I will give you advice for your specific situation.

Cost: £50

For more information about the online consultation click here

Leonie in the kitchen showing you how can you be healthy

4. Individually tailored, fully supported, 6-week healthy eating programme

This is not a diet but a programme to support you to make healthy lifestyle changes that you can maintain.

It includes:

  • Daily emails, advice and monitoring
  • Four different organic food supplements to ensure there is no nutrient deficiency
  • Pedometer to count your steps
  • Ketostix to measure if you are burning surplus fat
  • CookWright, the no-added sugar recipe book with 100 quick and delicious recipes

The programme can be followed in two different ways:

1. One-to-one coaching through three 90-minute face to face consultations at my office in Surrey. You will work with Leonie who can be contacted by email or phone when needed for support and guidance.

Cost: £499

2. On-line course with weekly one hour interactive classes with Leonie and a group of up to six people with the aim to mentor you into positive action. Contact by email only. Click here for more information about the online course.

Cost: £465

To find out more…

For more information or to book any of the above programmes or events, please call today on 01372 386028, or send a message.