Do you think you’re eating “healthily” but the scales don’t seem to agree with you?

There are a number of foods we have been told are “good for us,” even though nothing could be further from the truth. Find out whether these supposedly “healthy” foods are in your diet, and what you can replace them with for a genuinely healthy alternative.

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Eliminate unhealthy foods

Find out which foods and drinks are secretly damaging your health.

Find healthy alternatives

No need to sacrifice flavour! Let me tell you how to replace unhealthy foods in your diet!

Become fit

I will give you my best tips on how to become a healthier, fitter version of you.

Meet the other women who I’ve already helped:

“I am still in shock at the success of this healthy eating plan! I have lost over a stone and a half & my BMI & Body Fat are now normal (they were not!!). Leonie has a great way about her and I found the plan easy to follow – AND I was not left feeling hungry!! Thank you Leonie.” Charlotte Grant

Virtual PA

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several years ago following several years on steroids. My sugar levels were extremely high and in spite of my best efforts and, according to the NHS dietician, a good diet; they continued to rise. With the prospect of having to take insulin I decided it was time I took action.

Leone was an inspiration and her healthy eating plan had amazing results. Within six weeks I had dramatically reduced my sugar levels and my medication and was no longer being threatened with insulin. I found the eating plan easy to follow and I can honestly say I did not feel hungry!

Leonie is an absolute joy to work with, her support and guidance has been invaluable and her depth of knowledge has been a real education; I have learnt so much. Not only did I lose weight but I lost my sugar cravings, my energy levels have increased and I feel really fit for the first time in years. I cannot recommend this plan strongly enough; it is not a diet, it is an eating plan for life.” Maureen N.

“I had a tendency to gain weight easily, and losing it became even harder with the onset of the menopause a couple of years ago. The tactics that used to work when I was younger no longer seemed effective, and I just didn’t like the way I looked or felt. The EatWright programme promised to help me lose up to 16 lbs in 6 weeks, without being constantly hungry or counting calories, and I must confess I was sceptical at first. But I can only say: it works!

I can now fit into my size 12 clothes again, which feels really good, and doing my 10,000 steps per day has made me feel so much fitter as well. Importantly, the lessons I have learned about what to eat and what to avoid will enable me to keep the weight off in future, so I can break the cycle of “yo-yo” dieting. Thank you, Leonie, your programme delivers what it promises!” Mara Thorne

Human Resources Consultant

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