Christmas is only 11 days away. For many of my clients this is a time they worry about. With my help they have become healthier, have more energy, and lost weight; they don’t want to go back to where they were before. I give them the following advice: if you eat healthily 80% of the time and cheat 20% of the time then nothing will change. Your body is clean and can deal with the occasional treat.

It is not uncommon for British adults to gain up to half a stone over Christmas and the New Year period. This, however, does not need to be the case. Even traditional Christmas grub such as turkey, vegetables, smoked salmon, and satsumas can be very healthy and may well help you to lose weight!

If, however, you want to enjoy treats at Christmas without paying the price on the scales, here are my top 10 tips:

  1. Have a healthy breakfast. Good choices are smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, a vegetable omelette, yoghurt with seeds or fruit or porridge made with water. It will keep you going all morning and prevent you from wanting unhealthy snacks.
  2. Don’t eat everything in sight – eat what you really Is that white bread at the start of a meal worth it? Is it really that tasty?
  3. Save your cheating for a meal and enjoy a delicious dessert, if that is what you love.
  4. Don’t pick at leftovers and don’t eat anything you are not fussed about.
  5. Avoid processed convenience foods. If you really fancy a bag of crisps then go for it, but pick the one that has the simple ingredients such as vegetables and olive oil.
  6. If you are going to have a couple of mince pies for lunch then make that your lunch and don’t have a turkey sandwich as well – that is too much food at once.
  7. Don’t eat too many carbohydrates. Every time you eat a carbohydrate your body will produce insulin to get your blood sugar level back to normal. Insulin is also known as the fattening hormone. It will make sure that any surplus glucose that is still in the body will transfer into fat. Fancy a chocolate? Pick the high quality one with more than 70% cocoa.
  8. Keep exercising rather than lounging on the couch the whole day. Stay active and your chances of putting on weight will diminish. You will stay supple, in shape, and it will benefit your health. Go for a walk, a cycle, or a jog and earn yourself the right to those occasional treats!
  9. Drink plenty of water. Have a glass before every meal and you will eat less. Your body is less compelled to store fat when you are regularly washing away the “waste” that accumulates from drinking alcohol or eating sugary treats.
  10. Enjoy the festive season and promise me not to go on a diet in the New Year. 90-95% of diets fail in the long term. If you anticipate putting on weight in December, and you decide beforehand to go on a diet in January, you give yourself permission to eat everything you want. Before you know it, you will have put on 4-5Kg rather than the 2Kg you allowed yourself. It is far better to change your lifestyle if you want to do something about being healthier, fitter and slimmer!

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with health, happiness and prosperity for 2019!

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