ananas are known to contribute to weight gain. When they get over-ripe they become soft and smelly and could possibly cause constipation. So why would you eat a banana? Because bananas are healthy. Let me explain why.

Do bananas cause weight gain?

Because bananas contain a high percentage of starch they are often considered as fruit that makes you put on weight. They contain 100 kcal per 100 grams. The average weight of a banana is 150 grams which means the equivalent of 150 kcal. The good news is that a green looking banana has 40% resistant starch (RS). Resistant starch is sugar that is not released as energy but is food for your large intestines. RS does not cause weight gain. A yellow banana only contains 8% RS but 91% sugar. This means that if you like eating bananas and do not want to put on weight it is best to choose a banana that has just ripened (no longer green). But be sensible and don’t have too many.

The fact is that a ripe banana contains more calories than a green or half ripe banana because during the ripening process the sugar increases by a factor of 20. Sports people who need a lot of energy are better off to have a ripe banana. Ideally they would combine it with protein and fat as that will prevent a rise in blood sugar levels.



o bananas really cause constipation?

Bananas are a fairly good source of fibre, which may help with constipation for some people. However this depends on the amount of water you drink, the other foods you eat and how ripe the banana is. The evidence on this is rather conflicting.

Benefits of bananas.

  • They contain sodium and potassium.
  • They contain tryptophan which the body converts to melatonin, also called the sleep hormone.
  • They are rich in in vitamin C which helps resistance.
  • They contain magnesium which can help with depression, high blood pressure and cramps.
  • It is an easy snack.
  • It is good for baking and an excellent replacement for sugar.

What to do with over-ripe bananas.

Use them to make a pancake, put them in a smoothie or cut them into slices and freeze.

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