Do you recognize that? It is great of course those summer temperatures, but they do have a minus; it could affect your sleep. Some of us are not bothered by the warm nights at all but for others they stop them from having a good nights’ sleep. They will be restless, keep turning over and over again and very often will fall asleep just when the alarm goes off. That certainly will not help your fitness and concentration!

Insomnia due to prolonged heat

Especially when the heat lasts for a while and when there is a reduced quality of sleep, health issues can occur. Concentration loss, irritability and stress are a direct result of insomnia. And eventually you get to deal with serious physical complaints. In this blog I will explain why it is that it is so much more difficult to fall asleep on hot days and what the consequences of bad sleep are. And of course you get plenty of tips that can help you get through the sweaty nights.

Leave your worries on the bedside table

There are many reasons why you experience a less good night’s sleep during warm summer nights. The first one being that you stay up longer because it is light and warm until late. Because of this you are often unable to get the ideal amount of 8 hours sleep, (of which 5 hours should be continuous). Instead of going to bed, you make it cosy on the terrace with a cappuccino or a glass of wine and some tasty snacks. The caffeine or the alcohol will prevent you from falling asleep easily and might wake you up too quickly. Because you are eating late, your body thinks it is still day and sleep does not want to come. You might even be watching television, work on your computer or be texting on your phone until bedtime. The blue light of the screens will keep you awake for a long time. Maybe you were out late at the gym? The adrenaline in your body will then make it very difficult to go to sleep. You can also be too tired or suffer from snoring (from yourself or your partner). Other common reasons are that you are worried about anything and everything or are stressed. I always say: “Put your worries on the bedside table”, otherwise it will certainly not be possible to fall asleep and have a good rest.

The consequences

You will get tired of long-lasting bad nights sleep and that can lead to serious problems. If you wake up tired and you get into your car, the risk of accidents is many times greater. The coffee that you shouldn’t have had the previous evening you might now need to wake you up. Due to lack of sleep you start to think less clearly. Your body does not have time to complete your stress cycle, and this will affect your gut. Stress also disrupts the insulin management, which can make you fatter. You can also get depressed from too little sleep. People with sleep problems have a shorter life expectancy too! Reasons enough to ensure that you sleep well. But how do you do that?

General tips to getting a good night’s sleep

Your body has a natural temperature control mechanism. Our inner thermostat ensures that we are a little less warm at night than during the day. During a hot summers day our body has to make more effort to become cooler. However there are a few things we could do to help it to cool down:

  • Keep your bedroom windows closed during the day and open them in the evening.
  • Use a fan or air conditioning (air conditioning can affect your airways, so be careful). The ventilator’s draft also keeps mosquitoes at bay.
  • Use only cotton nightwear or don’t wear anything. Sometimes a damp t-shirt will work for a while.
  • Take a bag of frozen peas and put it in a towel on your pillow, in your neck.
  • Put your feet in cold water before you go to bed.
  • Take a cold shower and finish with lukewarm water. If you get too cold, your body starts to warm up and you do not want that.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Do not put your feet under the duvet. Your head, your hands and your feet cool down the fastest. Keep them warm in the winter and keep them cool in the summer.
  • Put your mobile on nightshift, then the blue light changes to brown. This is calmer for your eyes. Even better would be to turn your computer and phone of completely.
  • Go for a walk before bedtime.

Simple eating tips for a good night’s sleep

With the right nutrition you can also ensure a better night’s sleep. You will then bring your body in balance. The tips for this are actually very easy to apply:

  • Drink 1 or 2 glasses of cold water before bedtime. Your body then cools on the inside and your metabolism gets a boost.
  • Do not have snacks that contain sugar or carbohydrates in the evening. Are you still hungry? Then eat a boiled egg or a piece of cheese, protein-rich foods.
  • Don’t eat hot spicy food on warm days. So no ginger tea in the evening.
  • Drink coffee without caffeine and moderate your alcohol intake.
  • Use a dietary supplement for a sleep-regulating effect: There is a product I sell that contains tryptophan, which promotes the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone) and melatonin (the sleep hormone).
  • In addition, use a supplement containing calcium and magnesium. This works relaxing.

The EatWright Plan is sleep-inducing!

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